Everyday Moments: Night Photography

The photography circle I am a part of which focuses on "everyday moments" has decided to put the challenge of night photography in our repertoire. Night photography is a whole different animal, and one in which I love. It is not easy, and I'm still a newbie for sure. I find myself getting carried away looking at the images captured by humzadeas and many others on Instagram. Here is my humble attempt at night photography. All photos were taken using a tripod and a long shutter speed. Please join me around the circle to see what my fellow photographer friend, Erin has captured for this month's theme. Thanks for looking!


Just after sunset at Pier 25, Hudson River.


A 30 second shutter speed captured light trails from a Hudson River ferry boat.


Taken from Pier 25. A view of North Battery Park City with the World Trade Center in the distance. 


Jersey City. The plane light trail was captured with a 10 second shutter speed.


Jersey City landscape