Everyday Moments: March 2015

If this is your first time visiting my Everyday Moments post, it's the theme of a fun photography circle that I participate in with some other lovely ladies from around the globe. It's been fun seeing snapshots of life from the different places where we live. Please make sure you click on the next photographer's link at the bottom of the post. For this month's Everyday Moment's post, I decided to shoot random things that I encountered on a Sunday. Here are my snippets of everyday moments.....


I've been in love with orchids now for over ten years, and have a slight obsession with collecting shells.


We have been playing the game Trouble everyday.


During our walk to church. This one was definitely a mistake since I didn't depress my back button focus button but I like it anyway. 


Harsh sun hits the side of a building in Tribeca creating interesting shadows.

Please circle around with me to see what my photography friend Katherine in the UK has done for her Everyday Moments post here