Exist in Photos

A couple years after my son was born I became very interested in my family history. I had always been interested in my family's story but I think the birth of my son made me realize how important it is to know where you come from. I turned into a genealogy geek overnight with the catalyst being Ancestry's television series, "Who Do You Think You Are", where celebrity family history journeys are documented. I poured over census documents, ordered birth and death certificates, visited libraries in New York City and Bucks County, PA and found out some really cool stuff. I was able to document my family tree, which included a  one branch with a Civil War and a Revolutionary War veteran! I have to say though, that one of my most favorite things discovered were photographs of relatives from generations ago. My first cousin 1x removed who is two generations older than me, surprised me with portraits of both my great and 2x's great grandmothers. These photographs are treasures to me, and I'm so glad to have them. What are your photographic treasures? How are you going to exist in photos long after iPhones become obsolete? 


 My 2 times great grandmother Annetta and her daughter, Ida, my great grandmother.