Aug 21, 2013

The Workers

Posted By Claudine Williams


I’ve become that annoying person that always has their camera. This was taken while walking home from a date night with my husband. The photo was taken around 7:30pm. This Mr. Chow waiter was standing perfectly, and his white crisp jacket looked great against the old brick and iron in the background. I quickly grabbed my camera and shot without the settings correctly set. The result was an image a bit underexposed but I still really like it. The image would also be a bit better if there weren’t the two diners behind him. Taken with 50mm.

Walking Suits

These guys caught my eye because one of them was holding a basket which looked kind of funny to me considering they’re in suits. I like the leading lines created by the iron facade, and stoop on the left. They seem to balance the men on the right.  I don’t mind that we don’t see their faces, as it adds a bit of intrigue to the image.