Dec 31, 2013

Not Exactly Tribeca – The Guggenheim

Posted By Claudine Williams

I haven’t had a chance to shoot in Tribeca and the surrounding neighborhoods recently due to Christmas and travelling. So a recent trip to the


is what I have for now. It was a rainy day with lots of clouds and dark skies. This meant using high ISO’s which equals grain or “noise”. I don’t necessarily mind it though. I also felt the photos looked best in black and white with the exception of the one with the red pants. I enjoy the sweeping, curved lines at this museum which take our eyes and leads them in different directions. All photos were shot with a 50mm 1.8 lens.

The artist featured was

Christopher Wool

whose work made me laugh out loud at times (in a good way). I found myself equally interested in the people milling about at the museum, trying to find some characters to photograph. You know you’ve been bitten by the photography bug when you can’t help yourself from doing that! Thanks for looking.