Feb 14, 2014

Winter Storm Pax

Posted By Claudine Williams

This morning we were hit with winter storm Pax. How ironic is it that Pax means “peace”. The weather was definitely the opposite of that. My friend Sarah and I ventured out in the snow (which turned to pelting sleet) to get some shots of Teardrop and Rockefeller Parks. Here is what we encountered. Click on each image to enlarge.

 Benches along Hudson River Park
 Hudson River Park Looking North
 Grasses at Rockefeller Park


 Green Bike on River Terrace
 Penny Park Benches
 Penny Park
 Penny Park
 Penny Park
 River Terrace
 Rockefeller Park
 Rockefeller Park
 Sarah and the Runaway Box!
Teardrop Park Rocks