Jun 06, 2014

Everyday Moments: Reflections

Posted By Claudine Williams

This month for our “everyday moments” photo circle we focused on “reflections”. We can find reflections everywhere in our environment such as, in a puddle, a glass building’s facade, or even someone’s sunglasses. I have chosen a photo that subtly displays reflections of hands resting on the black surface shown. A second reason for choosing this photo is the emotion I feel when looking at it. It was taken at the

National September 11 Memorial

reflecting pools. As I look at this photo of hands resting on the black stone inscribed with those that lost their lives on September 11, I can’t help but think about what each individual is thinking about or “reflecting” on.

Please take a moment to see what my friend and fellow photographer,


has captured this month. Thanks for taking the time to look. Comments and critiques are greatly appreciated.