Feb 13, 2018

10 Valentine Gift Ideas

Posted By Claudine Williams

Valentine’s Day has been around for a long time (some say it has origins in Ancient Rome circa 270 a.d.). While I’m not an expert on the history of the day, I do know a thing or two on what people, in particular, women would like. From traditional to unique, here are some ideas that we at Claudine Williams Photography recommend:

1. A card with a heart felt note on why you love us (not just the card designer’s message).

2. Chocolate. Good chocolate, not drugstore chocolate but the good stuff! Some of our favorites are Mast, Nunu, and Jacques Torres.

3. Flowers. It doesn’t always have to be roses. Think anemones, or ranunculus. We love Joe over at Langdon Flowers. He’s been around for a long time and is an all-around great guy.

4. A night out to their favorite restaurant. It doesn’t have to be fancy but we especially like Locanda Verde and Del Posto.

5. A styling session to edit their closet. We particularly like Nicola of Harrison Style. She works with both women and men. She’ll come into the home, edit your closet and suggest things to pair with existing pieces.

6. Unique jewelry. We love Studio MMCCC for their bespoke designs, and Mynlyn for their funky, ready to wear pieces. Both of which are made in New York City.

7. A family film made with photos and videos compiled from your own library.  We can’t get enough of the work Lisa Ridd is doing at Smitten Films!

8. A membership to a museum, such as the Whitney. It’s the gift that keeps giving. We love that the Whitney has Member nights on Thursdays. It’s a fun, art filled date night all in one!

9. A massage, facial or scrub session. Try Tribeca Beauty Spa for a traditional massage or Massage Warrior for those who’d like a deep tissue sports massage.

10. Last but not least, a portrait session with Claudine Williams where it’s all about them for a few hours. We start with hair and make-up and then have fun with a photo session. The result will be beautiful legacy portraits that they’ll love for decades and that can be passed down to your children.