Oct 04, 2018

3 Reasons To Rent Clothing For A Photography Session

Posted By Claudine Williams

Since the creation of online clothing rental, access to designer clothes has never been easier. Put yourself in this scenario – you have a portrait session coming up and one of the first things you do is think about what you’re going to wear. Often, this results in ordering clothes or going to your favorite store after work or on the weekends. You might not find the “perfect” something and frustration settles in because of lost time and the fact that you weren’t successful. This is where renting an outfit comes in as a tool to help have a top-notch photoshoot. A few clothing rental companies that Claudine Williams Photography recommends are Rent the Runway, Rainey’s Closet (children), Style Lend and Nova Octo. Each company is different but the main thing among them is that they are all clothing rental companies. Rent the Runway is known for having lots to choose from, Rainey’s Closet has the most amazing clothing for children (much more of a selection for girls than boys). Style Lend has beautiful items but the sizes are limited and for a really big splurge, Nova Octo of Tribeca is your best bet, with some dresses that retail for over 10k available for rent. 

Osman Red Draped Lula Gown from Rent the Runway

Three reasons why clothing rental is a good tool for a successful photography session. 

1. It Saves You Time

You save time by using a clothing rental service. Most of these company’s websites allow you  to whittle down exactly what you’re looking for, ex. casual, gown, dress vs. pants, night out, etc. You can also search by color, size, price and designer all at your computer and in the case of Rent the Runway, their app. One nice thing about Rent the Runway is that once you have made your selections, you may be given the option to select an additional size for a particular dress (if it’s available and at no extra cost). Another time saving factor when using RTR is the input you get from the many customer reviews, often with photographs. Customer reviews include size, height, etc. so you really get a good idea of how a dress fits in advance of ordering it. All the companies mentioned above, ship your order directly to your door with a return label for easy return. How easy is that?

2. It Saves You Money

You save money! Why would you want to spend $200-$1000+ on a dress that you are only going to wear once. You want to look amazing for your portrait session, whether it’s a lifestyle branding or a family portrait session. Using a clothing rental company allows you to wear a designer outfit at a fraction of it’s retail cost. The range of designers can be anywhere from Adrianna Papell to Oscar De La Renta, with dress rentals anywhere from $40 to $950+. 

Marchesa Notte Green Lace Cocktail Dress from Rent the Runway

3. They Give You Access to a Wealth of Designers

If money is no object, of course you can buy anything you want – but that’s not the case for most people. These companies allow you to wear gorgeous lace and beaded dresses for your contemporary portrait session, or a beautiful satin or chiffon gown for your studio family session and lastly, smart-looking work outfits from Milly or Mara Hoffman for your personal branding or headshot session are at the touch of your fingers.

Make planning your photography session easier on yourself. Make it fun and stress free from the comfort of your home or anywhere. Using a clothing rental company is one step to making the planning of your session a more enjoyable process and the proof will be in the photographs. 

Claudine Williams Photography is a portrait and lifestyle image branding studio based in New York, working within the New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia markets (or anywhere else she’s asked to go). This is not a sponsored post for Rent the Runway, Rainey’s Closet, Style Lend, or Nova Octo.