Nov 16, 2020

ICP Concerned

Posted By Claudine Williams

In early March 2020, New York City was in the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Schools and all non-essential businesses were closing. There was an intense feeling of fear. Toilet paper was hard to find. Staples like pasta were being cleared off of store shelves. We were constantly reminded to wash our hands and to stay healthy.
All my client work had been postponed or canceled. My future in photography for the next several months was unknown. It was definitely a scary time for me. Tired of watching the news, I fueled my creativity with the nervous anxiety that was pulsing through my body and created this still life with what I had at home – toilet paper, citrus fruit, pasta and soap. I realized these simple things couldn’t be taken for granted anymore.
I am honored to have had this still life I made during March 2020 included in the #icpconcerned exhibit at their gallery space on Essex Street in New York City. Global Images for Global Crisis presents a selection of photographs collected from the ICP Concerned hashtag on Instagram, initiated by the International Center of Photography in March 2020. The images, chosen by ICP staff across departments, present a wide range of responses to recent events worldwide, from the COVID-19 pandemic to Black Lives Matter protests and beyond. The exhibit will be on view from October 1, 2020. All prints will be archived by the International Center for Photography. 
Global Images for Global Crisis at ICP can be viewed here.
An audio guide can be seen and heard here
ICP Concerned – The March 2020 Gallery Walls