Sep 01, 2019

Portrait of the Artist: Jennifer Elster

Posted By Claudine Williams

From my recent interview and photo essay with Jennifer Elster for Tribeca Citizen.

Jennifer Elster is an experimental artist, director, performer and the founder of The Development, a underground, multifaceted studio based in Tribeca. Her work can be seen online at ChannelELSTER.com, on Instagram at @JenniferElster and in private viewings at her gallery by contacting . She lives in Tribeca.

“Portrait of the Artist” is a series by photographer Claudine Williams, whose studio specializes in fine art portraits as well as professional branding. The Q&As are with people in the arts and culture industry — actors, musicians, painters, writers — with photos to suit each artist.

Tell me how you describe yourself and what your work is about?
I’m a thinker. An artist. A writer. I am known for being very direct in my work. My two solo art exhibitions were “The Wake the Fuck Up Show” and “The Retrospective of an Extroverted Recluse” and I am now finishing a film series called “…In the Woods (and Elsewhere).” I’ve been working on the film series for 14 years. I’m very private. Just listen, this is how private I am [Jennifer locks a large bolt on the door and laughs]. You’re going to make me want to do a video!

The interview continues here.