Nov 01, 2018

Tribeca Halloween 2018

Posted By Claudine Williams


This past week your social media accounts were filled with photographs of your friends’ children (and sometimes your friends) in their Halloween costumes. All across the country, kids went trick or treating in scary costumes dressed like the grim reaper or as their favorite Fortnite character. Halloween is probably one of the most favorite holidays of the year nowadays, and why wouldn’t it be? How fun is it to dress up for the day and come home with a bag full of candy?

Like many other neighborhoods in New York City, Halloween is a big deal in Tribeca. The tradition is that as soon as school lets out you quickly put your costume on and head to the streets, specifically targeting the many small businesses in the neighborhood, such as the Gee Whiz Diner, Duane Park Patisserie, Reade Street Pub, and Balloon Saloon. The atmosphere is almost carnival-like with store employees and parents dressing up as well. It truly is one of the best neighborhood days in Tribeca. 

Michael Rudzena from Trinity Grace Church as Ditka

Day of the Dead Tribeca Family

Madeline Lanciani of Duane Park Patisserie



Tribeca Football Referree

Colorful Masks

Scary Doorman

Have you thought about creating a way to save your Halloween memories? Preserving your family’s memories is easy. No camera? Not a problem – just upload your phone photos to any photo book company and create a small memento book. Adoramapix is a great option for printing snapshots from your phone. They are local to New York City and orders can be shipped to you or picked up from their stores on either 18th Street or Brooklyn. We particularly like a smaller album like this for simple snapshots taken with a phone.  

Above are some of the interesting characters I came across while trick or treating with my son and his friends in Tribeca this year. What did you and your children dress up as this year?